Oh Hai, Internet :D

Hey, guys! Vol here, giving you guys the big hello, salutations, salve, etc. etc. . So I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but I just never really got around to it. I kept telling myself I didn’t really need to, or that I wouldn’t do well, or excuse, or other excuse. But then I realized that I have a gift. My gift, dear Internet, is the ability to have entire in-depth, passionate discussions and conversations about video games, about game development, about good games, about terrible games, about games I haven’t even played yet!

I’ll get around to a post about my personal history with gaming at some point or another, but the point is, that really is my passion: gaming gets me off. Am I nerdy about it? Yes. Am I geeky about it? Absolutely. Do I do it too much? That’s debatable. It’s not just gaming, every element of game development, id est art, music, writing, overall design, theorycrafting, quality assurance, PLAYING the game – I love it all. Something about being able to recreate the universe in a way that I enjoy and practically force other people to experience the same way just makes my heart all fluttery and mushy and…well…you get the point. To quote Carl Sagan “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” Might’ve been Stephen Hawking first, I dunno, I’ll check that.

Being an aspiring game designer, this is all crucial to my well-being as an artist. However, I also do some animation on the side (been told I do it quite well. I dunno, I draw things, and then I draw those things doing things very slowly and eventually it looks like it’s moving.) That being said, I plan to eventually get some animations about the nonsense that I’ll rant about over the course of the next forever or so, because I know that, being an Interneter myself, animations make things less boring. Plus, it’s just plain cool. And EVERYONE LOVES CARTOONS!

So, until next time (Smeg, I’ll come up with a schedule eventually) this has been the Vol Log. PEACE, LOVE, AND GANKING! ❤